Any idea when gcc 3.3 will be out?

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Thu May 1 17:04:06 PDT 2003

Csaba Henk wrote

> Now you say categorically don't use the bleeding edge compiler. Why? And
> what about gcc-3.2?

Not don't use it, just don't use it to build your LFS kernel (give it a
afterwards for test purposes, but YMMV)

I have kernels running built with 3.2 (seem perfectly fine) and 2.95.3
(rock solid), the last time I tried to build one with 3.3 cvs it b0rked on

Could be just a local issue of mine, but I haven't looked into it
thoroughly... (got a fair few other things to contend with ;-) )

> Can you say more about why is 2.95 the way to go? Point me to a thread if
> it has been discussed.

IIRC it is stated in the kernel documentation...


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