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Sam Halliday fommil at
Fri May 2 04:31:22 PDT 2003

hi there,

with BLFS being mentioned on slashdot a couple days ago, some people
started complaining about what was wrong with all gnu/linux distros out
there (as they always do), and one of the biggies was basically this

"documentation sucks under gnu/linux; OpenBSD has written man pages for
common (ie GNU) config files and programs, which the authors never
bothered writing."

they applied the same problem to LFS, and my attempts to say
"documentation is the problem of the package autors", they still didnt
listen. so i asked if these 'excellent' openbsd-written man pages for
common packages were available for download, and it turns out they are,
(and on local mirrors)

the intention was to use the man pages from this tarball (which LFS is
supposedly missing). i realise this is a massive task, and is (in my
opinion at least) best left to openbsd to feed back the docs to the
individual packages and we are all happier in the long-term. but i made
a promise that if someone would show me where the man pages were, i
would see what the LFS mailing list thought of it.

so what do you all think?

i tried looking at this and the man page width needs editing somewhat to
get them to display. also, reformating the pages to the linux man is
going to take some time (they use unix cat? directories for a start);
let alone the time it would take to remove unwanted man pages (such as
those already existing and things like `man pkg_create`). also we would
be left with some programs which are not even the same thing, eg `man

basically i think this is more trouble than it is worth and it is best
to wait until the OpenBSD team feed back any changes they made to GNU
(or opensource) packages in due course.

please dont flame me... im only posting becuase i promisied i would if
someone found the openbsd man page tarball.

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