PLFS suggested chapter 6-perl change (add /etc/hosts)

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Fri May 2 20:33:48 PDT 2003

> Actually, it means "this is what must be done for repeatability", not
> "finish the book, then start over with Chapter6 for repeatability". So I
> guess it depends on whether or not such a (possibly) trivial thing is
> worth reorganizing the book for or not.

Very valid point, everything still regardless

> I think the repeatability is
> really just a measure of the purity of the method, but probably not
> required for any real difference.

Its very nice to be able to point at a build method and know that the build
itself doesn't add or change anything to the final product.
Basically I came from the school of "Build Everything Twice" to totally
everything was pristine, this was coming out of doing a proof that it
wasn't necessary.

> Again, though, I claim ignorance compared to the level of what Ryan and
> Greg know.

You're on the money, we're just trying to leave absolutely nothing for
detractors and
other assorted anal wonks to point at ;-)

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