How will pure-lfs be integrated? (OFF-TOPIC)

Ng, Wey-Han meehoon at
Sun May 4 12:41:56 PDT 2003

Quoting Ian Molton <spyro at>:

> If being a programmer means I have to show disdain to sysadmins and
> anyone who uses an interpretted languages, then I will happily label
> myself a hacker instead... (well, I do that anyway ;-)

Once again, please don't put words in my mouth. I have no intention to
put-down anyone. At work, I do programming and scripting too (okay, okay,
I know some of you don't agree with my definition of scripting). I too
take pride in my scripting as much as my programs. So please, please,
don't feel that I am in any way putting down sysadmin. I just feel that
what sysadmin do is different from programmers. Neither is a greater job,
just different.

Here, I wish to put this topic at rest. Let just take it that we don't see
eye to eye and let it drop. My sole purpose of this last posting on this
subject matter is to clarify that I don't in anyway put down sysadmin. We
should be talking about developing LFS books on this list anyway.

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