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On Sun, 2003-05-04 at 16:21, Ian Molton wrote:
> On Sun, 4 May 2003 23:18:43 +0000 (UTC)
> mpeters at ("Michael A. Peters") wrote:
> > 
> > but you can alwats type "info package" and go straight to the package
> > and not have to navigate the top through the top level node.
> I never knew there was a top level node.

Just type info - and you get to the top level node.
Packages are only listed in the top level node if spefically added
(which you don't have to do) with the install-info command - but many
Makefiles do that for you with make install.

> I cant navigate info pages at all beyond scrolling up / down. how the
> hell do you select a link or follow one?
> heck, how do you scroll one line at a time, even?

Navigating info is much like navigating emacs
It actually works better from withing emacs (C-l for example only seems
to work for me from within emacs) but certainly is navigable without
emacs. Hit enter to follow a link.

The top line has a list of options, for example:
File: texinfo,  Node: Copying Conditions,  Next: Overview,  Prev: Top, 
Up: Top

For example - on the Copying Conditions node - N will bring me to N(ext)
which is overview, P will bring me to P(rev) which is the top of the of
the texinfo info documentation, U will brinf me U(p) which is back to
the top.

Pressing N brings me to the Overview Node - which (at the top) has this:
File: texinfo,  Node: Overview,  Next: Texinfo Mode,  Prev: Copying
Conditions,\  Up: Top

U still brings me to the Top for Texinfo, but now P brings me to Copying
Conditions (that's where I previously was).

Here - I'm at the top level dir, and I want to follow a link:

Texinfo documentation system
* Texinfo: (texinfo).           The GNU documentation format.
* info standalone: (info-stnd).            Read Info documents without
* infokey: (info-stnd)Invoking infokey.    Compile Info customizations.
* install-info: (texinfo)Invoking install-info. Update info/dir entries.
* makeinfo: (texinfo)Invoking makeinfo.         Translate Texinfo
* texi2dvi: (texinfo)Format with texi2dvi.      Print Texinfo documents.
* texindex: (texinfo)Format with tex/texindex.  Sort Texinfo index

I put the curser on the star by install-info and I move to the
install-info page

Moving one line at a time - I honestly don't know.
Using C-n will move the curser down and when you reach the end it only
scrolls half a screen - and that's good enough for me. I don't look at
man pages one line at a time either, though (I think that only works
with man if less is your pager, not universally true)

C-v scrolls a screen (I think a spacebar does too) - and if viewing info
from within emacs, C-l brings the line the cursor is centered on to the

I'll see if I can find out how to scroll one line at a time.

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