chapter 5: zlib and LDFLAGS="-s"

James Smaby jsmaby at
Mon May 5 13:26:46 PDT 2003

> 1) For starters, why is zlib needed in chapter 5.

I think something early in chapter 6 (maybe it was an optional
compiler, like java from gcc) uses zlib.

> 2) make LDFLAGS="-s" causes a compile error here. When compiling the example 
> program, the necessary -lz options aren't passed. They are part of the 
> LDFLAGS var and it gets overridden with the -s value.

I guess the obvious fix would be make LDFLAGS="-s -L. -lz" or maybe
just do a normal make, and copy over the headers and lib manually,
since the programs it links in aren't needed.
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