chapter 5: zlib and LDFLAGS="-s"

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Mon May 5 16:58:31 PDT 2003

There was a sed in my scripts to alter the Makefile to allow you to set
LDFLAGS properly with zlib

sed -e 's at LDFLAGS=.*@ZLIB_&@' \
    -e '/ZLIB_LDFLAGS=/i\
    -e 's@$(LDFLAGS)@& $(ZLIB_LDFLAGS)@g' \ >

As for why its here in ch5, probably a remnant of the original builds I was
doing (which was basically ch6 twice).

I hadn't removed it as
a) it doesn't hurt ;-)
b) ensure there is the latest zlib around throughout the build in case it
does happen to get used at somewhere ch5/early ch6 at a later date.

It can most likely be dropped from ch5

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