How will pure-lfs be integrated? (OFF-TOPIC)

Gregory Davis gregdavis at
Tue May 6 16:01:31 PDT 2003

Ng, Wey-Han wrote:

> Quoting Ian Molton <spyro at>:
>> On Sun, 4 May 2003 18:23:41 +0000 (UTC)
>> meehoon at ("Ng, Wey-Han") wrote:
>> > I simply speak from a
>> > programmers point of view and you are all speaking in from the
>> > sysadmin prospective.
>> Heh. Read my webpage - Im no sysadmin ;-)
> Dosen't really tell me what you do for a living. However, if you are also
> a programmer, you should differenciate between scripting and programming,
>  too.  ;) No excuse for that.

I had a programming languages textbook that specifically designated
scripting languages, such as perl, as programming languages; the fact that
they are scripted is only the programming paradigm.  Other paradigms were
object oriented (java...), functional (lisp...), imperative (c...), and
logical (prolog).  A distinction is made between HTML which is a markup
language.  It is excluded from programming languages (in the book) because
its ultimate purpose is to describe how a page should be rendered, as
opposed to how a program (program now being defined as something either
linked and loaded, interpreted, or any combination of the two) should
behave.  So, when you "differenciate between scripting and programming,"
you really mean to say "differentiate between programming paradigms."  As
an aside, java is partially compiled (into bitcode independent of machine
architecture) before it is put through a respective bitcode interpreter. 
Perl is entirely interpreted from text files.  C is compiled into machine
code, linked, and loaded.  In any case, electrons get pumped into at least
one processor with which a computer produces some sort of output.  Or it
doesn't produce output because somebody screwed up.  The computer wouldn't
produce output because the programmer missed a puncuation mark, because a
sysadmin botched something when installing a standard library, or because a
hardware engineer literally got his/her wires crossed.

Hope that helps to clear things up.
Sorry I couldn't help adding to a mounting OT discussion.

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