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This mail, besides being a greeting to this maillist and a report on the successful build of a PLFS system, also makes some remarks.....

With the base book being that of version 4.0 and using parts from v4.0-rc1, I procedeed according to the instructions in the hint text "pure lfs" by Ryan Oliver and Greg Schafer. I DID NOT use the packages from the LFS site neither the versions used in the book. Instead I downloaded the latest versions (at the time I begun this project) from their official download locations. Their version numbers, along with my hardware configuration, are included at the end of this message, as a reference.

Some things I would like to point out are:
1. While ./configure-ing Bison at chapter 6, it aborted complaining that M4 wasn't present. To bypass this difficulty, I install (out of order, in spite of what you recommend) the missing package, using the commands proposed in the book. It worked flawlessly.
2. Lilo was the big surprise. Make-ing it aborted with Error 127, protesting that it could not find nasm. Looking into the Makefile revealed that it needed for a specific program named nasm, declared as a variable (NASM=3Dnasm) (obviously, removing the -O2 flag would not correct anything). I downloaded nasm-0.98.36 sources from prdownloads.sourgeforge, installed it under /usr and lilo compiled perfectly.
3. Modutils would not compile, saying that at one of the source files ": encountered while expecting ; or |". Downloading a more recent source tarball from ftp:\\ftp.kernel.org solved all problems connected with this package.
4. After completing chapter 5, I was able to chroot to the temporary environment and compile glibc and gcc. But when I tried to execute exec /bin/bash --login it would core dump and i was not able to chroot again unless I removed all the libraries glibc would install. Changing the build instructions according to the pure-lfs hint solved this problem.

All other packages were installed as proposed in the book and now my system runs a brand new pure-lfs!!!
I would like to congratulate you on your efford and thank you for helping me create my own, minimal, fortified distro. Being in the IT bussiness demands such custom build solutions. Forgive me if I am not perfectly clear or did anything that is completely wrong; my poor (but rapidly developing) programming skills are to blame. If anything in this mail is not clear enough, or any further information is needed, please do not hesitate to contact me by mail. I hope by reporting the above I helped even in a minimum your efford. If there is anything further I can do to help in this project, i would be glad to hear.


I begun with a base system of Mandrake 9 (glibc 2.2.4, gcc 2.96, binutils 2.11.92 and kernel 2.4.18)

It run on a IA32 Celeron Mendocino @ 466MHz with 192 MB of RAM memory.

What follows is a list of the packages I used and, more important, their versions.

Autoconf 2.57
Automake 1.7.2
Bash 2.05b
Bin86 0.16.10
Binutils 2.9.1
Bison 1.75
Bzip2 1.0.2
Diffutils 2.8.1
E2fsprogs 1.32
Ed 0.2
File 3.39
Fileutils 4.1
Findutils 4.1
Flex 2.5.4a
Gawk 3.1.1
Gcc 3.2.1=20
Gettext 0.11.5
Glibc 2.3.1
Grep 2.5
Groff 1.18.1
Gzip 1.2.4a
Kbd 1.08
Less 378
Libtool 1.4.3
Lilo 22.5.1
M4 1.4
Make 3.80
Man 1.5l
Man-pages 1.53
Modutils 2.4.25
nasm 0.98.36
Ncurses 5.3
Netkit-base 0.17
Net-tools 1.60
Patch 2.5.4
Procinfo 18
Procps 2.0.7
Psmisc 21.2
Sed 4.0.3
Shadow 4.0.3
Sh-utils 2.0
Sysklogd 1.4.1
Sysvinit 2.84
Tar 1.13
Texinfo 4.3
Textutils 2.1
Util-linux 2.11y
Vim 6.1
Zlib 1.1.4



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