CVS -vs- 4.1

Mike Miller temp6453 at
Wed May 7 19:13:23 PDT 2003

All right.  So I'm about to make a new LFS version (as our current one is 
aging quite nicely) and curious as to opinion on if I should follow CVS or 
4.1 versions of the book.  There are a TON of major changes in the way 
things are getting done (from the pure LFS doc).  Has this been stable 
enough to build critical services off of or should I take the safe 4.1 

As well, anyone know about upgrading?  Can I upgrade GLIBC, GCC, etc. after 
the fact to newer versions (often minor version changes)?  Nobody has EVER 
given me a clear answer on IRC, help boards, or mailing lists as to what I 
have to do to upgrade such products.


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