MAKEDEV & devpts filesystem

Larry Lawrence larry at
Wed May 7 19:18:19 PDT 2003

Chapter 6 MAKEDEV seems to emphasis generic over genric-nopty.  Granted,
successfully getting through chapter 5 should lead the reader to know that
they will need devpts in order to run the test in chapter 6, I see some
missing this.  Also, there probably needs to be a writeup with mounting
proc for mounting devpts.

Chapter 5 can be a problem if your using LFS as the host built without
devpts (kernel had it built in, but LFS was built with MAKEDEV generic).
Mounting devpts fixed it.    

The problem I have is that I don't know the cons of devpts, so it's hard
for me to say that you should go that way, but no testing doesn't work
well either.


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