MAKEDEV & devpts filesystem

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Wed May 7 20:47:23 PDT 2003

On Wed, May 07, 2003 at 09:18:19PM -0500, Larry Lawrence wrote:
> Chapter 6 MAKEDEV seems to emphasis generic over genric-nopty.  Granted,
> successfully getting through chapter 5 should lead the reader to know that
> they will need devpts in order to run the test in chapter 6, I see some
> missing this.  Also, there probably needs to be a writeup with mounting
> proc for mounting devpts.

This is a very good point. I have always ran with devpts mounted so do not
know the consequences of not having devpts available. All I know is that
folk have already reported coming unstuck when running the dejagnu-using
test suites in early Ch 6 and the devpts was not mounted and/or devfs not

AFAIK, devpts is a kernel config default so it would be rare for it not to
be available.

Changing the subject slightly, I still find the whole concept of mounting
from within the chroot env a broken idea. I know Richard L. has expressed
this same concern in the past and I agree with him. The mtab on the host
can get out of sync. From memory, we started doing this when the
keep_separate hint was first implemented as it was somehow deemed "cleaner"
to use the new mount binary. I dispute this notion unless someone can show a
technical argument as to why it is better.

Anyhow, my preference would be to mount the proc and devpts file systems
from outside the chroot. This means some directories will have to be created
from the outside but again I ask the question, what value is there by
creating the dir structure from inside the chroot, apart from the warm &
fuzzy feeling factor? I mean, a dir on a filesystem is a dir on a
filesystem, right? The kernel still does all the syscalls and stuff that
make it happen so the actual binary making the dirs is somewhat irrelevant,
right? But maybe some special attributes or other stuff I don't understand
are catered for by using the newer mkdir binary. Dunno.

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