Posix2 conformance (was Re: coreutils - tail -f broken ???)

Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au
Wed May 7 22:31:57 PDT 2003

This is going to become an issue soon,

Previous post was with information from

Scrolling down a bit further

[ Practical note: very few systems currently have headers that would enable
  the above POSIX 1003.1-2001 behavior by default, so the obsolete forms
  listed above probably still work on your system.  If you want to prepare
  yourself for when this changes, and you are prepared to debug the occasio
  application, set _POSIX2_VERSION=3D200112 in your environment.  But
  that this will provoke failures in scripts that use the obsolete option
  syntax. ]

Well looks like cvs glibc headers do...

So the way I see it we have a few options
1) build coreutils overriding the _POSIX2_VERSION supplied in
   and build them non-compliant
2) edit the posix/unistd.h header and build everything non-compliant
3) grin and bear it, fixing up bugs and forwarding them on to the upstream
   package maintainers
   Means we have to grep for head/tail/sort etc through everything and
   validate the usage

2 is the easiest, 1 is most localised, 3 probably the most socially


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