Creating /stage1 symlink and read-only root filesystem

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Subject: Creating /stage1 symlink and read-only root filesystem

> This issue was brought up in some email which I thought deserves its
> thread.
> This issue is about to come very real to me. I'm actually preparing
here to
> update all my 6 computers to various levels of LFS-CVS and with it
> repartioning harddisks. So an LFS-CVS based bootcd will be created and
> Technically I'm perfectly ok creating a symlink on the cdrom
/stage1 ->
> /mnt/lfs - it's sensible enough for my own uses, but it does raise the
> question when non-LFS cdroms are used for installation on bare
> creating a symlink is not an option.

I don't know about some of the others, but both Knoppix and Chris's
LFS-4.1-bootcd have the root filesystem as a ramdisk, not in read-only
mode, so the creation of the /stage1 symlink will succeed.  I know there
are other boot-cd's out there, but maybe we could just settle on
encouraging people to choose either knoppix (if they want a full KDE GUI
with all the bells and whistles), or Chris's bootcd as the "recommended"
bootable-cd's to LFS from.  Myself, half the time when I'm LFS'ing, I do
the build on my faster machine, then transfer over (using the
x86-cross-compile's uname module when necessary).

The biggest problem I've found with Chris's bootcd is it's lacking some
of the network card modules, most notably the 3com cards...and from what
I'd last heard, SCSI support on his CD is untested, but should be
working.  Knoppix, however, is pretty safe, and it appears to build a
great LFS.

I know in #LFS-support, I push both these for people who want to build
LFS onto a bare hard drive, or people who don't have room to make a
partition.  That one-partition hint seems like a very dirty hack, and
scares me to death :)


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