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DJ Lucas dj at
Sat May 10 00:08:52 PDT 2003

tchiwam wrote:
> Hello,
> 	I am currently playing with the xml book, IF someone ought to
> separate bootloaders in a separate chapter where should it be... and then
> IF I ought to write the thing in bad english, could someone translate it
> in proper english...
> Now I have these directories:
> BOOK/chapter6.5/
> BOOK/chapter6.5/x86
> BOOK/chapter6.5/ppc
> all of them have their own introduction, any suggestion before I get too
> far in that project ? sectl id conventions ? where to I add that chapter
> so that it would be linked .. etc etc...
> I would just like to try this as "I" think it is the way to go and allow
> to have more than x86 in an organised way.
> Phil
Hmmm...looking at the book, IMO make that _all_ of chapter 8, and move 
the fstab and kernel to the end of 7, and rip [(lilo * bin86 * nasm) + 
grub] out of Ch6.  This also gives *the_room to have both x86 boot 
loaders appropriatly placed in the book without making chapter 6 like 
one of those 'you choose the ending' story books that have you bouncing 
all over the book.

*the_room - not intened to rehash an old, useless debate--I could care 
less about that one!  It's just another option that better presents 
itself with the proposed change.

DJ chat, do they still make those 'choose your own way' books?  I 
think my neice would love one of them at her age.  6 book reports in 
one! LOL

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