a better name than "/stage1"

Alex Groenewoud krisp at wanadoo.nl
Sat May 10 03:28:23 PDT 2003

(Sorry for dropping in so late, and breaking thread.)

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> On May 7, 2003 01:00 am, Greg Schafer wrote:
> > I think it was Alex G. who came up with "staging" and I quite
> > liked it. Afterall, Ch 5 is a temporary staging area which we
> > use to build the final clean system in Ch 6.
> Personally I don't like 'staging' much (no offense Alex).

No problem, it was only my second choice, my first was: /scaffolding.

Why "/scaffolding"?  Because it strongly connotes "building", which 
the whole book is about.  And it being such a long name makes you 
want to get rid of it, which is exactly the point.  And it only 
means "temporary construction", while "/staging" also means 
"performance, something unreal", which the temporary tools are not.
And "/base" sounds too permanent to me and "/bootstrap" too easy.

Then there was the suggestion to use names like $PREPDIR or $BASE.
Well, if I'm not mistaken $LFS was mostly meant to enable the user 
to choose a custom mount point and still be able to cut-and-paste.
As we're trying to get away from that, I would actually like to 
propose the opposite: not to use environment variables, but plain 
directory names.  Not $LFS and $BASE, but /lfs and /scaffolding.

(Use /lfs instead of /mnt/lfs, to keep the commands in the book 
just as clear and short: as we're making a symlink on the / of the 
host, I see no problem in making a directory there as well.)

The advantages of this scheme?  It should save a few e-mails to the 
support list of people fumbling up their $LFS or $STAGING.  Builds by 
inexperienced users should be more uniform, and therefore easier to 
diagnose.  And at the end of chaper 6 it will be easy to grep for 
the occurence of hard-coded links to "/scaffolding".

If "/scaffolding" will not do, then how about "/steppingstone", 
"/springboard", "/aide", "/prop", "/leg-up", "/stirrup", 
"/foothold", "/framework", "/pivot", or "/crane"?

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