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tchiwam tchiwam at
Sat May 10 08:02:57 PDT 2003

> >
> Hmmm...looking at the book, IMO make that _all_ of chapter 8, and move
> the fstab and kernel to the end of 7, and rip [(lilo * bin86 * nasm) +
> grub] out of Ch6.  This also gives *the_room to have both x86 boot
> loaders appropriatly placed in the book without making chapter 6 like
> one of those 'you choose the ending' story books that have you bouncing
> all over the book.

Exactly what I did, striped all the bin86, lilo and cie of chapter 6 and
put that all in the bootloader chapter, I have to admit the chapter 8
could be moved around / removed...

I have so far notes on
x86   : lilo, grub, loadlin
ppc   : yaboot, xboot, quik, mol
alpha : aboot


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