Posix2 conformance (was Re: coreutils - tail -f broken ???)

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Sat May 10 09:25:14 PDT 2003

On May 7, 2003 11:31 pm, Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au wrote:
> 3) grin and bear it, fixing up bugs and forwarding them on to the upstream
>    package maintainers
>    Means we have to grep for head/tail/sort etc through everything and
>    validate the usage

This to me is the only acceptable way to go.

For the record, Ryan has sent me off-list a tarball with the first load of 
patches for chapter 5. I'll be creating a user account on the LFS server so 
he can keep the patches there and update them, etc.

My thoughts on the issue: I'd very much like to see this resolved, it'd be 
great if this can be done with the LFS-5.0 release as well. Even if this is 
before the next Glibc release, at least we'll be ready for it.

I'm still primarily concentrating on the PLFS stuff, so this will be put into 
Bugzilla, at least until Ryan (and whoever decide to help out with that 
effort) has created all the necessary patches.

It's in bugzilla under bug #521

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