Calling Testers

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Sun May 11 17:46:18 PDT 2003

Those who are subscribed to the lfs-book list have seen a lot of activity 
today. Special thanks for that to Zack and Timothy who have gone on a bad bug 
fixing spree and emptying Bugzilla by quite a bit.

Some of the bigger changes are networking in chapter 6 now to satisfy perl, 
removed netkit-base and replaced with inetutils and added lfs-utils to 
provide a few items including the /etc/services and /etc/protocols files 
(formerly installed by netkit-base).

This shouldn't affect things badly, it just adds basic network support to 
Chapter 6. Perl should be happy with it but I doubt it's going to break 
installation of other packages.

More changes have gone in today which all need to be tested to make sure it's 
all done properly of course.

I've just uploaded the gcc-3.2.3-specs-4.patch and will test this too. Looking 
at the diff. between specs-3 and specs-4 I would say it only improves on 
non-x86 platforms while not breaking anything else. It'd be nice if somebody 
can test it on non-x86 platforms to make sure it's all doing the right thing.

It's definitely QA time now. Before other things are fixed let's make sure 
there isn't anything wrong with what we have in CVS right now.

For your convenience I updated to what 
is in CVS right now so you can all read an online version that is up-to-date. 
I'll follow up to this thread with things I'm fixing (saves having to 
regenerate the online version constantly).

If you decide to test, nickpick all you want. The more anal the better. The 
text though should be ignored still for the time being. We'll start 
addressing that issue in the course of this coming week.

Gerard Beekmans

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