Strange GCC failures in Chapter 5

Zack Winkles winkie at
Sun May 11 20:39:04 PDT 2003

During the make check of GCC pass 2 in Chapter 5, all of the usual
XPASS's in libstdc++-v3 become FAIL's. Though I don't have NLS on the
host, it shouldn't particularly matter should it? It should be using the
Glibc that we built in Chapter 5, and therefore it's locale data. I
checked all of the flags, all of the Chapter 5 Glibc's locale stuff,
everything. It just seems strange.

Despite this, GCC in Chapter 6 has results right along the lines of what
we would expect. 26 XPASS's and 1 FAIL. So it seems whatever was/is
wrong doesn't get passed on to our child LFS system.

Due to this, wouldn't it make sense to remove the checking of GCC (and
maybe all the other packages, since their results don't get passed on to
the child)? It's wasted effort it seems to me. PLFS does it's job, and
the LFS is pure. Out with Chapter 5 checking!

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