GCC 2.95.3 [LFS/BLFS conflicts]

Tushar Teredesai tushart at abbnm.com
Mon May 12 10:41:52 PDT 2003

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

>On May 12, 2003 09:36 am, Tushar Teredesai wrote:
>>   1. Building the kernel with gcc2 is recommended but not absolutely
>>      essential. So users can still avoid installing gcc2.
>Not essential but I want to make gcc-2 the "official" LFS kernel compiler as 
>it were so those instrutions need to be in the LFS book too, now. It'd be 
>wrong to say "If you want to follow our recommendation and use gcc-2.95.3 to 
>compile the kernel, go download the BLFS book and read the gcc-2 
>instructions". It's better served having it right in the LFS book.
It could be worded differently:

    The kernel developers recommend building the kernel with gcc2. If
    you want to follow their recommendation, install gcc-2.95.3 as per
    the blfs book <link to the relevant blfs section>. Also note that if
    you build the kernel using gcc2, any additional kernel modules you
    compile will have to be compiled with gcc2. To compile with gcc2,
    add /opt/gcc-2.95.3/bin to the front of your PATH.

    So before the compilation:
    export PATH=/opt/gcc-2.95.3/bin:$PATH
    and after compilation
    export PATH=$PATH_SAVE

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