Some of the significant changes made today

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Mon May 12 16:38:14 PDT 2003

Here is the latest Changelog stuff of the significant changes made today:

* Chapter 06 - Basic Network: Added $(hostname) to /etc/hosts, without it 
Perl's hostname test doesn't pass.

* Chapter 06 - Installing GCC: Don't try to remove /usr/include/libiberty.h. 
It isn't installed in the first place.

* Upgraded to findutils-4.1.7, gzip-1.3.5, and tar-1.13.25.

* Chapter 05 - Installing Perl: Add extra commands to build certain modules 
into Perl. This is to accomadate the Coreutils "make check". Partially fixes 
bug #528.

* Chapter 05 - Installing Gzip: Nothing in Chapter 6 checks for or uses the 
uncompress command, therefore we shouldn't create it.

* Chapter 05 - Installing Bzip2: Running "make" implies "make check", 
therefore there is no reason for us to run it manually.

* Chapter 05 - Installing LFS-Utils: Removed. The only package that checks for 
mktemp before it is installed is GCC, and that's only for gccbug.


about the libiberty.h thing: I have this feeling it was supposed to be 
installed and then removed, so it not being installed on my last couple test 
runs may be an error on my part. I'll take a closer look at this during the 
next test. Or, I'm just confused by other libiberty.{a,h} stuff. I've lost 
track of the issue it seems.

Gerard Beekmans

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