Broken Build (was Re: GCC flags)

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Mon May 12 18:51:30 PDT 2003

> On May 10, 2003 08:21 pm, Greg Schafer wrote:
> Say, shouldn't the tooldir=/usr be removed from Chapter 6's Binutils? I
> know since there's only one GCC, one Binuitils and one Glibc present in
> chroot it doesn't really matter as long as one sticks with that setup.
> But if we remove tooldir=/usr that "GNU Magic" would work again if
> cross-compilers are installed by somebody. It would seem it is more
> to remove tooldir from chapter 6.
> Or am I talking complete and utter bollocks here?

I fully agree, plus its not any extra cost in diskspace, you'll find
/usr/bin/ld and <target-triple>/bin/ld are hardlinks and /usr/bin/ld I
believe only gets created when host = target.


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