Sanity Checkpoints

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Mon May 12 19:39:05 PDT 2003

On May 12, 2003 08:00 pm, Greg Schafer wrote:
> Might even be educational as well. What do we think? Silly idea? Not for
> the book but the FAQ? Put a script in lfs-utils? Wasn't someone woring on a
> check script at some point? Dunno.

That was me, quite a while ago, I called it checklfs.

Back in the day it could be used to check every packages's installation. It 
simply takes a known good installation log and makes sure you have all the 
right files in the right places. If a chapter 5 installation was performed, 
it would also make sure that all binaries installed were statically linked.

Now things need to be changed of course since there is no static link anymore. 
However, an installation log check can still be done to make sure all the 
right files are still there.

Now it'll be childs play to enhance such a script to run the readelf and 
strings command on every file (in particular files installed during chapter 
5) to make sure everything is as it should.

The sanity checks can be intergrated easily. When running the locking in Glibc 
verification test, run that test program as part of the test. Same with the 
binutils-pass2 test, etc.

One comment on your strings test: what if the host system is also GCC-3.2.3 
based, that output wouldn't mean anything. The readelf will work nicely.

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