tcl, expect, dejagnu

Greg Schafer gschafer at
Mon May 12 20:37:25 PDT 2003


Looking into the reported prob's. All I can say is that it works for me. My
test host doesn't have expect or dejagnu but it does have an older tcl. I'll
see about removing that and check for any difference.

A couple of points:-

 - I don't see the value of running the test suites for these 3 pkg's in Ch
   5. As mentioned in the hint, there are guaranteed failures. Notably, the
   expect testsuite failures look frightening to debug. We only care that we
   can run the core toolchain testsuites (i.e. gcc, binutils). This also
   follows up on Zack's suggestion from yesterday.

 - The current expect build commands look superfluous to me. The hint only
   has a simple ./configure; make; make install; and works beautifully for
   me. Is this the reason for folk seeing bogus failures? Dunno.

 - Why are we installing these 3 packages in Ch 6? I could have sworn I
   read that they were in BLFS and thus it was best to leave out of Ch 6.
   Anyone who installs tk in BLFS will need to rebuild tcl to get the build
   dir again.

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