Some of the significant changes made today

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue May 13 00:55:50 PDT 2003

On May 12, 2003 05:38 pm, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> Here is the latest Changelog stuff of the significant changes made today:

And here the rest. I'm off to bed now, I did one test build, but did not test 
one thing, read on:

* Chapter 06 - Basic Network: Changed the single quotes to double quotes in 
the echo command. Without it, $(hostname) won't expand which defeats the sole 
purpose of this command - to make perl's hostname check work.

* Removed all occurrences &&. Updated bug syntax. Added "make check/test" 
where necessary in Chapter 6.

* Applied "Changing ownership" patch to polish the text. Closes bug #511.

* Applied "Configuring system components" patch to polish the text. Closes bug 

* Chapter 06: Removed TCL, Expect and DejaGNU. Nothing uses this once past GCC 
in chapter 6. The versions in /stage1/bin do the job just fine.

* Chapter 06 - Installing Shadow: touch the /usr/bin/passwd file before 
installation. Not doing so results in Shadow thinking passwd will be in 

* Chapter 06 - Installing Procps: Remove the /lib/ symlink. No 
package outside of Procps itself uses this library, and none should.

* Chapter 06 - Installing Net-tools: Run "make config" before doing make. 
Fixes bugs #462 and #497.

* Chapter 06 - Ncurses: Added the vsscanf patch.

* Chapter 05 - Gzip: Removed make check. It doesn't do anything.

* Chapter 05 - Installing Texinfo: Don't install the texmf data. It's not used 
by anything.

* Chapter 05 & 06 - Installing Ncurses: In Chapter 6, symlink creation has 
been updated to include libcurses.*, and libncurses++.a has it's properties 
changed to 644. Chapter 5 doesn't need any libcurses.* so those are removed.


I did a test build to test all of these things, everything seems to work just 
fine. I did not test all the added "make test/check" targets. That patch was 
(one of many) by Zack and was one of the very last ones I applied so I 
already finished an LFS build, didn't really feel like doing another one.

Only 54 remaining outstanding bugs in Bugzilla. We're making good progress. It 
was around 93 only a few days ago.

Gerard Beekmans

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