gcc-3.3 release possibly tomorrow

Ryan Oliver Ryan.Oliver at pha.com.au
Tue May 13 05:06:45 PDT 2003

Chris Lingard wrote:


> You need this patch to build glibc using gcc-3.3; so once your compiler
> changes, then you need to patch the library

Hmmm, is that only with 2.3.2 current release? Must admit the only 
glibc's I've built with 3.3 have been CVS... will take a look at the 
source and see if its been changed...

> I have build LFS, using gcc-3.2.3 as the base system; this builds
> the first gcc-3.3 fine. But I am cheating, as I am using a pure system
> as the base.  I just need the --enable-shared, for gcc, to force the
> building of libgcc_eh.a

It comes down to the host glibc version, we have to take care of those 
coming from older pre 2.3 systems where gcc-3.3 build barfs (unless you 
fix the pre 2.3 headers first :-/ )

Will have a look and see if a neater solution exists, but I'm not 
counting on it :-/


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