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Wed May 14 14:59:32 PDT 2003

Ken Dyke wrote:

>A quick google returned some of the threads where the switch was made from 
>mawk to gawk.  However, I did not see an answer to my question.  Will making 
>a sybolic link gawk -> mawk work to get me through glibc?
>(the glibc compile ran for hours before it returned an error so I am not in a 
>hurry to try it and 'see'.)
>If I understand what we are doing I should be able to install gawk before 
>making glibc and it will use it instead of my host system?
More of a support question.

I presume you are in Chapter 6. From what I remember, usually the 
problem (where it looks for mawk) occurs if the host system has mawk 
installed and the user has not deleted the Ch 5 source.

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