SPAM[RBL] Re: Preliminary GCC 3.3 LFS

Michael Labuschke michael at
Thu May 15 07:55:23 PDT 2003

On 15.05.2003 at 23:48 Greg Schafer wrote:

>On Thu, May 15, 2003 at 11:13:06AM +1000, Ryan.Oliver at wrote:
>> You may want to double check if that mmap patch is still needed, so far
>> from my gcc 3.3 builds it hasn't...
>I've just confirmed that the mmap patch IS still req'd for gcc-3.3. The
>gcc-pass2 build gives:-
>checking for working mmap from /dev/zero... no
>checking for working mmap with MAP_ANON(YMOUS)... no
>which is no good.
>The size of my /stage1/etc/ld/so.cache file at the time of gcc confgure is
>3124 bytes i.e. less than 1 memory page.

can't we just increase the size of ?
so there won't be a need for patching ?

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