Removal of removing fixincludes.

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Thu May 15 19:21:04 PDT 2003

Gerard Bekmans wrote:
> At pass1 we do not patch with the no_fixincludes.patch, at pass2
> we do patch.

> That seems simple enough, what is the problem then?

If the fixed headers from the inital gcc compile are not blown away we will
be building our new pass2 gcc with a pile of "fixed" headers from the host.

This will not do, as things could quite possibly b0rk if building from an
older host.

> The only thing I see is that after pass2's make instal there are
> still fixed
> includes in /stage1/lib/gcc-lib/*/*/include which shouldn't be there.

> Didn't somebody say (Tushar or Ryan I believe) that gcc-pass2's make
> install will remove the contents of gcc-lib/*/*(/include) so the
> previously fixed header from pass1 should be gone then.

That was Tushar

Still leaves the problem of compiling gcc pass2 using the original hosts
fixed headers...

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