Michael Brömer mib at
Thu May 15 13:00:51 PDT 2003

Am Donnerstag, 15. Mai 2003 02:46 schrieben Sie:

> Let's get some testbuilds in on this thing.

I have a problem building binutils-pass2 in chapter 5. Compiling 
errors out complaining that the directory "libiberty/pic" in the build
directory does not exist. This happens with binutils-2.13.2 and
binutils- It works however with a binutils snapshot
i downloaded today. (The snapshot does not build statically.)

The system i build with is a PLFS system with gcc-3.2.2 and
binutils-2.13.2. I had a look at the logfiles produced when building
this system. In the logfile for binutils-pass2, directly at the 
beginning of the make process i have:

make[1]: Entering directory `/mnt/lfs/stage1/src/binutils-build/libiberty'
if [ x"-fpic" != x ] && [ ! -d pic ]; then \
  mkdir pic; \
else true; fi

which is missing when i follow your version of the book. 
Any ideas?


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