Removal of removing fixincludes.

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Thu May 15 23:42:29 PDT 2003

> > A gcc install without fixed includes has 10 header files in
> > /usr/lib/gcc-lib/*/*/include (this is based on gcc-2.3.2 not 3.3 yet).
> > How about we move them out of the way, remove all the remaining ones
> > and move the saved ones back?
> >
> Ryan posted a list of commands to remove only the fixed headers.

Yeah, its nice in a script and a sure-fire fix, but its a cut'n'paste...

We'd have to come up with an easily explainable sure-fire method which is
more in keeping with the spirit of the book (user interaction)...
Unless of course you guys like the previous fix ;-)

There's probably a better way of accomplishing the same thing

cd whatever_the_fixed_include_dir_is
rm -f `grep -l "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE" *`

would be better interactively, followed by some text saying

"delete all the directories" or something to that effect

Accomplishes the same thing without being a c'n'p fest :-)

What do you guys think?


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