LFS Book Errata

Edward Pinski pinskie at physics.uc.edu
Fri May 16 12:59:47 PDT 2003

> The wrong reference to cfdisk in the LFS book
> (for RH8) took me toooo long to track down.

Maybe you should have asked lfs-support about the cfdisk command then?
But anyway, why don't we just tell everybody to use fdisk, because fdisk
isn't recommended to be used, cfdisk is the main recommended partition
utility for the x86 architecture.  Then again, not all of us can use 
{c,s,}fdisk anyway.  I myself on my xserve use pdisk, maybe you guys should
switch over to using the mac partition table instead of the x86 partition
table?  Though, I doubt that would go well with grub, but I don't know.
lilo would take it pretty well, since it doesn't care for the partition
table and just skips along to the lovely spot where the kernel is.
But anyway, reading the man-page of fdisk, they tell us to use cfdisk
first, then if doesn't work, use fdisk, then lastly, if you're good
enough with it, sfdisk.

Edward Pinski
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