Idea for a sanity check on CVS

Jeremy Utley utleyj at
Sun May 18 11:46:07 PDT 2003

Hey Guys -

We've been seeing a lot of occurances of this in lfs-support last few
days, and I had an idea for a good sanity check for chapter 5.

Once we've done the lock-in of glibc - for each package after that, have
the user run a quick ldd on a binary compiled by that package, to ensure
the linking went well.  So, for example, after the second gcc compile,
run a quick "ldd /stage1/bin/gcc" to ensure it's linked against stage1
libs, and so on thruout chapter 5.

It would not add much time to the build process, and for those building
by hand, would be a good sanity check of the chapter 5 build process.

Just a thought.


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