The move to custom XML

Timothy Bauscher timothy at
Mon May 19 08:07:50 PDT 2003

On Mon, May 19, 2003 at 09:03:50AM -0400, Donald Smith wrote:
> ><input><cat>$LFS/etc/group</cat>
> ><text>root:x:0:
> >bin:x:1:
> >......
> ></text>

> Shouldn't these be the same format? I don't see the usefulness of a 
> separate tag for the cat command (other than avoiding escaping the '<'s).

(1) The stylesheet would convert the above text to:
cat > $LFS/etc/group << "EOF"

(2) The above XML means more to me than a cat command block

(3) Currently, only the first and last line of our file creation
are in <userinput> tags. The reason for this was a desire to make
that input bold, as anything within <userinput> should be (though
this seems to have disappeared recently).

This causes a lot of trouble parsing wise (with lfscmd, for example),
because the text in those files is floating inside <screen>, which
is a nasty thing to do, imo, just to make things pretty.


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