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Seth W.Klein sk at
Mon May 19 14:12:19 PDT 2003

I'm seeing a couple problems that should be solved by changes in the website:

1) People don't know which version to use. (Symptom: "I'm using 4.0-rc1".)

   Instead of links in the sidebar, the site needs a page that lists
   the versions one might use and why:

    4.0: latest stable. Use this if you've never built LFS before
         or don't want surprises. (4.0 is newer than 4.0-rc1.)
	 (Ed. Note: yes, this example is out of date.)

    CVS: only use this if you read the lfs-dev <link>mailing list</link>.
2) People don't know where to download the book. Tarballs are in the
   museum, but they don't think to look there (which is unsurprising.)

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