The move to custom XML

Timothy Bauscher timothy at
Mon May 19 15:09:51 PDT 2003

On Mon, May 19, 2003 at 10:34:04AM -0700, Chad Simmons wrote:
> > 1. acknowledgements.xml
> > 
> > <sect type="page" id="ch01-acknowledgments" file="acknowledgements.html">
> I shouldn't think that the file name should be part of the XML format. The
> purpose of XML is to store the data in a conceptual format, and allow the
> viewer to decide how the data should be represented. The above format is
> obviously geared for outputing to an HTML file which may or may not always be
> the desired effect.

Where should the filename be mentioned? This is the current setup,
for docbook:

<?dbhtml filename="acknowledgements.html" dir="chapter01"?>

> The id also seems somewhat superflous in that we can
> specify that this section belongs to chapter 1 with <chapter>1</chapter> or
> some such.

True, especially for acknowledgements, as that's not likely to
be repeated. Some are more likely to be repeated (such as gcc),
and for those, it's simpler to prepend the chapter number to in
order to keep things straight.

> Chad Simmons


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