Installing coreutils as non-root (ch 6)

Tushar Teredesai tushar at
Mon May 19 19:14:43 PDT 2003

Bryan Kadzban wrote:

> If coreutils is installed as a non-root user (as in, when I follow the 
> more_control_and_pkg_management.txt hint), it prints a bunch of errors 
> from chmod when installing the gettext stuff (the files in 
> the po subdirectory).  All the errors are "chmod: operation not 
> permitted" type things.
> Turns out this is because the coreutils package is using mkdir instead 
> of $(mkinstalldirs) to create the directories.  Apparently mkdir calls 
> chmod or something?  Anyway, after applying the attached patch, it 
> installs with none of those warnings.
> Maybe this is a better patch to send to the coreutils maintainers, but 
> in the meantime, comments are welcome.

A long term solution, since you are using the pkg-user hint, would be to 
create a wrapper script for mkdir.


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