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Mon May 19 23:23:56 PDT 2003

Ok, I had an idea here, I thought I'd share with the rest of LFS.

First off, the modified scripts are found at

Bringing back what is probably a former discussion on LFS [I am NOT
browsing years worth of archives], our network scripts only handle static
IP Addrsses.

Now, the impression I have got talking to a few LFS regulars, is that DHCP
does not belong in LFS, unless someone comes up with a good idea to add

Anyway to business,

We currently stick IP Configuration in

ifup if it detects ifup-eth0, it calls it, otherwise uses this to setup a
static IP Addresses.

--- [main idea] ---
I have modified the scripts sligntly [Note: Untested (I'm away from home,
I am not risking my remote connection)], and included the addition of a
variable called SERVICE=static [to ifconfig.eth0].

I have also created a file called
/etc/sysconfig/network-devices/scripts/static, based on the old
ifup/ifdown scripts.

[Also, of lesser noticed created a dhcp script based on BLFS, but that's
just an example of how this all works (dont tell me it's bad, it's not my

I also modified ifup/ifdown to call
/etc/sysconfig/network-devices/scripts/$SERVICE [where service is defined
if ifconfig file].

--- [consequences] ---
Standard LFS users with static IP's, have to go through the problem of
adding SERVICE=static to their ifconfig.eth0 files.

This would allow a slightly cleaner way of handling DHCP in BLFS [script
can be created there], instead of creating seperate if{up,down}-eth0
script [modifying eth0 for each network card].

--- [modifications that may be bad] --
I combined the static script for bringing up and down the network card,
and people may prefer the old 2 script style of up/down.  [this would be
easy enough to fix though].

--- [Conclusion] ---
I cannot see any negative points associated with the above change.  On the
other hand, there is some benefit, but not alot.  [It does make it
slightly more customizable, then recreating scripts for every interface
that does not support a static IP Address].

anway, I had my say.  The modifications are attached.  feel free to flame
away if you dont like them.
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