Proposal for lfs-bootscripts

conathan at conathan at
Tue May 20 15:09:59 PDT 2003

> Quoting Ken Dyke <ken_i_m at>:
>> DHCP is in the Beyone LinuxFromScratch book.
>> And belongs there.
> True, but doesn't it sound silly to start the BLFS instruction with "Now
> that you are at the starting point, you need to back up a few step..."
> I don't think it will hurt to finish LFS at a point where you can take it
> either way without backing out.

Ok, let's start from scratch.  [You know something is wrong when the first
email you get is DHCP does not belong in LFS, the 2nd one says the
origional poster already says that]

I created $network_devices/scripts/static, which can either bring up or
down a given static IP Address.  [based on old ifup/down script]

I included SERVICE=static into ifconfig.eth0,

I modified ifup/down to call $network_devices/scripts/$SERVICE $1 up [or
down], where $1 is eth0 or some other address.

The standard if{up,down}-eth0 part still works.

What this means, is BLFS can drop in $network_devices/scripts/dhcp,
instead of creating seperate if{up,down}-eth0 scripts. [This adds no extra
functionality to LFS in other words].

the location is at [I am away from
home.  This is completely untested, but might work]

Here is hoping to better replies.
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