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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed May 21 12:22:39 PDT 2003

On May 19, 2003 10:08 pm, Greg Schafer wrote:
> requests "why do we apply X patch here but not there?".

And we get enough of those already with gawk for example. I'm going to leave 
the patch where it is it for now.

> Ch 5 - Expect - I think all the "-with-tcl=/stage1/lib --with-x=no
>  --disable-symbols --cache-file=/dev/null" stuff came from Ryan's scripts.
> AFAICT, it doesn't achieve much and works fine without. We can drop it for
> reason mentioned above i.e. less typing blah..

As later in the thread we can read, it was agreed that --with-tcl=/stage1/lib 
and --with-x=no should stay. Book is updated as such.

> Ch 5 - Bzip - Again, this came from Ryan's scripts. Based on the Ch 6
> commands. IMHO, there is no need and no value in creating the shared lib
> and doing all the fancy crap in Ch 5. A simple 'make && make PREFIX=/stage1
> install' is sufficient. Again, less typing blah..
> Ch 5 - Gzip - Again, a simple './configure --prefix=/stage1 && make && make
> install' is all that is needed. Let's keep it simple.

Agreed. I'm glad you brought it up, I noticed the same thing a while ago and 
it keeps slipping my mind. Book updated.

> Ch 5 - Ncurses - Same as mmap_test patch above. etip patch is not essential

As with the gcc patch I'll leave it for now. Things are confusing as it is for 
a lot of people with the text being out of sync, might as well keep the 
questions to a minimum (yes I know nobody should use CVS without keeping up 
with this list, but it just doesn't happen that way). When we fix the text, 
we'll add some notes that there is a patch but won't be applied in chapter 5.

> Ch 5 - Bash - we can drop "--with-curses" now as the new build method
> ensures we only link against the /stage1 stuff where we only have ncurses.

Gotcha. Updated book.

> That's it for Chapter 5 :-)

Up to Cchapter 6 now.

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