Proposal for lfs-bootscripts

conathan at conathan at
Wed May 21 21:29:57 PDT 2003

> Michael Wu wrote:
>> conathan at wrote:
>>>BTW, what other network services are there?
>> How about wlan? (requires special config w/ iwconfig before ifconfig or
>> dhcp)
> It'd be nice for PPPoE too (at least for the version I have on my firewall
> / router machine -- it requires a pppd or an adsl-start after "ifconfig up
> ethX", and a "killall pppd" or adsl-stop before "ifconfig down ethX").
> There are probably other ways it'd be useful, too -- like with my iptables
> script; it'd be helpful to be able to run that right after bringing the
> interface up.

take a look and see what you can do with it (:: 
[ (More of an example then a working
system (I never tested it))].

I dont know anything about iptables, so your guess is as good as mine
there.  [I guess you can copy the static script, and edit it slightly for
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