Proposal for lfs-bootscripts

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Wed May 21 22:35:21 PDT 2003

This may have been discussed before (I didn't even bother to search), but I 
thought I'd just mention that this is all a moot point if using a simple init 
style setup.  In that case, you just have scripts:


setup with the correct 'needs' dependencies, and just include the ones you 
are using in the init.d directory.  The rest sorts itself out automagically 
w/o having to dink with any hard-coded anythings.

I have begun to really like the simple-init methodology, and think others 
might like it too.

A word of advise though for those who take a look at it:  Richard Gooch's 
idea is really well thought-out conceptually, but his example scripts do the 
concept a very large injustice--I'd ignore them--they each do too many things 
rather than one atomic functional action each.  I wrote my own, and they 
really fly.  Nothing better than all your bootscripts running in parallel...

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