Build bug - Ch 5 util-linux

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Wed May 21 23:55:08 PDT 2003

Yeah, util-linux has a fair few hard coded references to /usr/include in
Though most don't affect us ( ch5 we only build mount/umount/more ) I kinda
went hell for leather and replaced all occurances of /usr/include to

code snippet ( introduced 2003-04-22... in 2.3.0 scripts )

echo " o Changing hard coded references to /usr/include to point at
flist=`grep -d recurse -l /usr/include *`
for file in ${flist}; do
   echo " - editing ${file}"
   test -f ${file}-ORIG || cp ${file} ${file}-ORIG
   sed 's@/usr/include@/stage1/include at g' ${file}-ORIG > ${file}

A more targeted patch would be much better for the book ;-)

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