Idea for a sanity check on CVS

Ng, Wey-Han meehoon at
Thu May 22 00:40:31 PDT 2003

Quoting Jeremy Utley <jeremy at>:

> So, perhaps adding something to the end of each chapter 5 package to
> run
> the above command against a binary in that package would present a
> good
> sanity check of the stage 1 build process.  This way, if there's a
> problem, you can catch it immediately, rather than at the end of
> chapter
> 5 when you chroot, and something doesn't work, then have to backtrack
> all the way and start over again.

I did suggest the same thing last month but no takers. Hope there will be 
more discussion on this check this time around.

Personally, I feel that all work in life should avoid the Pascal mistake. Catch 
the error at or close to the source of the error rather then at the point where 
the symptom starts to show.

My 2c.


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