configuration parameter/decision archive?

Wouter Van Hemel wouter at
Thu May 22 06:16:29 PDT 2003

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Nicholas Leippe wrote:

> [...]
> I really think this would be very useful--a truly living document that can be
> kept up to the latest concerning all the little nits, problems, and
> work-arounds we find and deal with.
> If you want to see what I've done on my project, go to
> Of course, I require permissions for my own project pages, (you can edit the
> SandBox page all you want to try it out), but for LFS we should probably

Uhm... no: "You must sign in to edit pages in this wiki."

> consider leaving it open, or make it very easy to sign up.  (You can always
> revert changes, and there's also an option to allow user creation on the fly.)

sourcemage linux ( has some kind of wiki. It's very
inviting towards people to help out with little things, AAMOF I have added
some things there when I was once curiously scanning over the contents,
while I haven't even used that distro ever.

It doesn't require a bigger commitment than making an account. It's much
more interesting than joining a project 'fulltime', for people who have
lots of other things to do.

And it enables many to do the boring work only a few would otherwise be
able to fulfill, such as converting to a new layout, tracking little
things like dependencies, or correcting small mistakes such as typos.

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