Error in Network bootscripts [1.12-pre2]

conathan at conathan at
Thu May 22 15:38:28 PDT 2003

> On May 22, 2003 01:49 pm, conathan at wrote:
>> I noticed an error [I was going through the diff patch].
>> the patch does this to ifdown [This was my mistake]
>> -if [ -f $network_devices/ifdown-$1 ]
>> +if [ -f $network_devices/ifup-$1 ]
>>  then
>> -	$network_devices/ifdown-$1
>> +	$network_devices/ifup-$1
> Uhm, this means you run ifup from the ifdown script? That seems wrong to
> me.
> Maybe a typo in your sentence "the patch does this to ifdown" and you
> meant
> to say "does this to ifup" ?

This is the ifdown script.
What it should do: if it detects ifdown-eth0, it will run it, otherwise
it'll run whatever is in $SERVICE var.  [or before I tinkered with it,
setup a static IP Address].

what I accidently did, is that it will now try to call ifup-eth0 if it
exists [in ifdown script].
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