Partitioning Step

John Anthony Kazos Jr. jkazos at
Fri May 23 14:11:30 PDT 2003

I guess this goes more for the Pure LFS set, but since the host system is 
unspecified (and could be INCREDIBLY old or broken, or even compromised in 
ways that might not carry over when building new packages (because if it 
did carry over, this wouldn't matter anyway)), I wonder if it would be 
better to suggest (if the person has enough disk space) to first build 
chapter 5 in a directory on the host system, and add mke2fs (and maybe 
tune2fs) to chapter 5, and use those to initialize the partition. Then, the 
/static directory or the /stage1 directory and symlink could be put on 
there with a simple mv -r. Anyone think this'd be useful?

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