Propose of a new FAQ entry (setting LANG and LC_ALL variables)

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Sun May 25 02:32:20 PDT 2003


On Sun, 25 May 2003 00:10:53 +0000 (UTC), Greg Schafer
<gschafer at> wrote:
> LFS currently exports LC_ALL=POSIX in the Chapter 5 lfs user's
> profile. Is that not enough (for Ch 5 at least)?
> Should we be doing the same for Ch 6 (adjust the chroot command line
> or some such)?

It is enough for Chapter 5. I am sorry, but I don't remember if any of
the packages from Chapter 6 detect the system the way I have found. I am
using scripts which set them before compiling. Wait a minute...

Just try this after untarring shadow-4.0.3:

    $ LANGUAGE='POSIX' LANG='POSIX' LC_ALL='POSIX' ./config.guess

And then:

    LANGUAGE='es_ES' LANG='es_ES' LC_ALL='es_ES' ./config.guess

So it might be a problem in Chapter 6.

But, it can happen when you are following the BLFS, that's why I thought
of adding a new entry in the FAQ.

> Doesn't LC_ALL override all others?

Yes, it does. Well, it overrides LANG and LC_*, but not LANGUAGE. Read
the manual page from bash.

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