Propose of a new FAQ entry (setting LANG and LC_ALL variables)

Seth W.Klein sk at
Mon May 26 08:53:23 PDT 2003

Fernando Arbeiza <arbeizaf at> wrote:
> I am suggesting this entry because it has happened to me some times
> [...] and I have seen the same issue in the mailing lists
> several times [....]

As have I.

> But I have also seen it some times in
> the linux-desde-cero mailing list (a low-traffic mailing list for LFS
> discussion in Spanish).

Ah the pain of knowing only one language! I could read that list but
it would hardly do me much good so I must rely on people like you.

> I would contribute the entry text but, as you have realized, I am not a
> native English speaker, so I post a summary of the error and the
> solution.

Your summary is excellent. (And you write better than many English
speakers from the US.)

> [... description of problem when configuring with NLS vars set ...]

This doesn't really belong in the FAQ. It is something every
non-English speaking user needs to know. I suggest a concise,
brief, and to-the-point paragraph be added to the LFS page that
covers setting these variables. It should include the "error"
from configure so that searches by those who forget will find
it. What about it Gerard?

(I would add that any package with this problem is broken and
the bug should be reported to its maintainer or to the maintainers
of the autotools (autoconf, automake, libtool) as apropriate.
Packages should set the language themselves if they are relying
on parsing the output in a particular language.)

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